What Kind of Bride Are You?

Modern Bride

Everywhere you go you like to cause a sensation or, at the very least, a stir. You love the look of the latest color combinations set against a modern background, or angular arrangements tied together with a bold colored ribbon. You may be drawn to Black Magic roses paired with chocolate colored (note, we said colored not COVERED) roses and shades of cream for balance. Tie it with a deep red velvet ribbon.

Or make your grand entrance carrying a full bouquet of colorful coral double and red parrot tulips with exotic greens. Think about autumn colored dahlias with wild raspberries or clusters of wild rosehips. Still not dramatic enough for you? Consider magenta peonies mixed with exotic green orchids -- sure to keep all eyes focused on you

Or use the bride's prerogative and take everyone's breath away. Try an array of hot pink cabbage roses paired with Latin ambience roses (Ecuadorian pale orange roses trimmed in hot pink).

With Bloom Fresh Flowers, your wedding will look unforgettable. 


Classic Bride

Everything about you is elegantly and simply understated, from your single strand of pearls to your flawless, sophisticated manners. You are always sure of whom you are and what you want, graceful in your approach, but uncompromising in your quest for perfection. Your bouquet will be a tribute to your timeless style, from your fragrant gardenias to a pure cluster of lilies of the valley, neatly bound with a cream ribbon.

Should you wish to extend your color palette beyond the neutral range, how about a bouquet of pale orange calla lilies with the stems exposed? Band the bouquet with a pale caramel colored satin ribbon and finish off the band with a thin velvet bow in a coordinating color on top.

If you like the idea of carrying a single type of flower, how about one elegant gardenia? The whites and soft greens create an elegant, subtle, crisp look, a look that is both delicate and divine. We want to warn you that the flowers you love are expensive, but classic taste has its cost. 


Natural Bride

If you had your way, you'd be getting married high atop a mountain or under a waterfall. You're the kind of girl who can get ready for a black tie dinner in less than ten minutes. You've given in to a touch of blush and lipstick on your special day, but when it comes to your bouquet, you're determined to show the world exactly who you are by giving your arrangement the touch of simple natural beauty.

If it's springtime, carry a bouquet of daffodils. You can give each bridesmaid a different spring flower to carry with a matching ribbon, for example, pink tulip with a pink satin ribbon, or narcissus, a sweet smelling white flower on a stalk tied with chartreuse. Or muscari, a small raspberry shaped flower, tied with purple. If your wedding is indoors, why not bring the outside in? Consider a hand-picked English Garden bouquet with the stems exposed, tied with a delicate lace ribbon for contrast. Or what about a tightly-packed arrangement of sunflower stalks, tied with a brown silk velvet ribbon?

If you want a more delicate arrangement that speaks to your sweet nature, try a loosely arranged bunch of lilacs tied with a pale lilac silk ribbon. Muscari, jonquils, popcorn narcissus and lilacs are perfect for a bouquet that looks hand picked. To make this bouquet even more feminine, tie it with an extra wide lavender silk ribbon with flowing tails.

If you decide to forsake those heels for sandals, or even bare feet, why not carry a tight bouquet of hand- picked daisies collared with bright yellow daffodils and tied with a simple lemon-colored ribbon with gingham accents? He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me... How could he not... 


Romantic Bride

Everything you're attracted to seems to come in soft pinks and pastels, from your ballet slippers to your baby roses headband. You've hardly been able to focus on all the details of your wedding because you're obsessed with selecting the perfect rendition of "your song" for the first dance. You've already tucked away the love letters your groom sent you, knowing that you'd read them to him on your first anniversary. Everyone, including the dry cleaner, has heard your meticulous documentation of every detail of his proposal. We're not surprised you like gauzy, floaty fabrics, and we'd bet a million roses you're wearing as many flowers as you can in your hair.

Think about lavender roses mixed with fragrant stephanotis tied up with a simple silk ribbon. Or, purple cosmos mixed with lilac, delphiniums, pink hydrangeas and violet sweet peas tied with a pale gold bow. Then give each of your bridesmaids a smaller bouquet in varying delicate colors.

A gathered bouquet of English garden roses in creams, whites, and lemona roses (pale green roses with a fresh lime scent), accented with a trailing vine will have your guests weeping right along with you. A densely packed arrangement of magenta roses and pale pink peonies accented by sprigs of white lilacs flows gently when tied with an icy blue satin ribbon.

When you stop pinching yourself that your wedding dream is real, don't forget to ask Bloom Fresh Flowers about French anemones, very sweet and oh-so-romantic. Just like you. 


Fashionista Bride

You're the kind of bride who knows what's coming down the New York fashion runways before those skinny models have their morning coffee. You always know what's in, what's hot, what's the latest, including the name and spelling of every couture designer. You want your dress and every aspect of your wedding to look magazine trendy with every newer-than-new accessory reflecting your up-to-the-minute style. All eyes will be on you when you walk down the ultimate catwalk: your wedding aisle.

Bloom’s Wedding Specialists would love to advise you on flowers to use in your bouquet, but you're already miles and aisles ahead of us. Knowing you, you've already scoured the Parisian magazines to see what blooms European royalty favor for spring. We can whisper one thing in your diamond hooped ear: we know of one famous American designer now creating personalized perfume to match the fragrance of bridal bouquets to give out as favors to wedding guests. An extravagant gesture, but then again, who can afford you? 


Unique Bride

Even though you're hip to the trends, you still retain your own sense of style, a style that is lovingly, predictably, and a little offbeat. You're the member of the family who marches to the tune of your own drummer, and we want you to march down that aisle to the scent of your own bouquet. A cuff of chocolate cosmos surrounded by lavender roses tied with a thin chocolate ribbon will definitely match your perfectly polished toes. Or make your statement with a cluster of bright coral calla lilies and green anthuriums mixed with lavender orchids and tropical greens.

A bouquet of apricot ranunculus, roses and calla lilies mixed with burgundy sweet peas, tied with a sheer black ribbon may match this week's hair color. Or, how about bright purple African violets cuffed with green hydrangeas, topped off by a lime green silk bow?

And, if you want to be you (without Mom rolling her eyes), why not try a peace offering by creating a perfect ball of red and pink dahlias? For summer, try pale pink, white and yellow. Or a cluster of hot pink gerber daisies with stems partially wrapped in hot pink or chartreuse grosgrain ribbon. They're sure to appease the crowd while your guests still wonder exactly where you came from. How you love to be unique!