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This beautiful trio of Phalaenopsis Orchid plants is a very popular gift item of Bloom Fresh Flowers customers.  Starr is three, vibrant Phalaenopsis Orchid plants, arranged and planted in a modern ceramic container. The leaves shining like the sun, with kiwi vine to accent and support the plants.

Bloom Fresh Flowers offers the ability to order from our florist website, as well as our Alexandria Boutique Florist Shop. Sometimes the orchid color may need to be substituted because of seasonal availability.

You will not find Starr, our inspired orchid plant design, at other Alexandria Florists; because this bespoke planting is designed and created exclusively by Bloom Fresh Flowers, Old Town Alexandria’s Artisan Florist.

We artfully arrange our most handsome of Phalaenopsis Orchid plants in a Bloom Fresh Flowers contianer and hand-deliver this stunning planting to your door in Alexandria and Arlington, as well as, select floral delivery areas in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.

Starr, as shown, measures approximately: 10"w x 16“ h


(No reviews yet) Write a Review